The most fluxy zog on the web.


Fluxyzog is a place for anyone to talk about anything. Hopefully you can have some fun at the same time. But most importantly, it's a place for some awesome game makers. Are you an awesome game maker? Drop into the forums and have a look around then!


Want a little history on Fluxyzog? No? Well, tough. You started reading, now you pay the price.

What happened was, a certain someone, and for reasons we cannot disclose, Revenge will remain anonymous...oh wait. Darn. Well, anyway, this certain Revenge, decided that Game Makers needed somewhere to go and either Game Maker themselves up a bit, or un-Game Maker themselves a little. So WHAM! Out of the blue, a call from the most Fluxy of Zogs came in, and it said that it would make a site for these Game Makers.

And you know what?


So then a couple of these Game Makers started hanging around. And that was about it. It still is. And... err, it is going to keep doing it for millions of years to come.