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The Walkingbush Collection

Author: Walkingbush

Size: Various

Description: This is a collection of games, some mini some not, some finished some not, from walkingbush. We have a fair few so I don't have screens for them all just yet, try them at your lesiure! Watch the evolution of this game maker!

I'll provide you with his very brief descriptions of each for now: 

Ship Game: This one is an interesting one, I found it while searching trough some old files, I think it could be good with some polishing (explore has quests etc. and ambush could be a bit better too.) Ideas are welcome for this especially.

Tank Project: This is my most recent game, it's a tank game. I've been told it has too much text, but I dunno. I tried to make it more story oriented, bad genre choice maybe...

Platformer Project:  It's a platformer, it's pretty cool. It used to have lighting but my gamemaker can't handle drawing right anymore, it pisses me off.

Zombie TDS: This is a zombie tds, I had to make one. Everyone should. This too had lighting, and was way better with it. Not sure if it even works anymore, just check it out and see.

Sea Race:  The big one, my baby. Fully finished, go try it out. Fly planes, unlock new ones, go faster, shoot more, look cooler.